Aims & Objective of The Society

  • To coordinate activities and help in the development of child welfare movement specially destitute children and children of other backward classes.
  • To provide medical & financial assistance to the differently abled children.
  • To organize public opinion to secure progressive legislation and its better enforcement for child welfare with special focus on physically challenged children mainly in the State of West Bengal.
  • To provide medical aid and relief to the needy children including the establishment, maintenance and support of institutions of medical aid and relief.
  • To generate the feeling of equality in women of the lower sections of the society.
  • To enable them to fight against the most horrible enemy i.e. Poverty and the circumstances in which they are bound to live.
  • To enable them to fight against the explication and to save their self-respect by giving them Rozgar (employment ) so that they can be financially independent to look after their children with tender care.
  • CWCS is eagerly trying for opening skill training centers for women in different slum area and to establish small scale industries for making packaged Achaar (pickle) ,Food for Tiffin System and many other fields in which lower section women can also have the feeling of independence and a bit of happiness. 
  • Awarding scholarship. Grant or monetary aid and assistance to deserving children for the purpose of undertaking and encouraging research work in any branch of education, technology, medical science agriculture science, commercial accountancy business management or any branch or branches of applied sciences or higher learning.
  • To provide grants in aid of any kind for the benefit of deserving in diligent children 
  • To organize conferences seminars and exhibitions to promote the interests of children.
  • To maintain a library of books and publications.
  • To promote and encourage cultural activity among the children.
  • To foster and encourage friendly brotherly feelings, better understandings, co-operation and unity among the children.
  • To distribute free book food and clothing to the poor and needy children.
  • To act as representative between the official and non-official agencies and organizations at the local district and state level.
  • To initiate action for promotion child welfare services in slum areas re-settlement colonies etc. for meeting their needs by setting up essential relief projects.
  • To send delegates to conferences, seminars etc. and to co-operate with other agencies serving children directly or indirectly. 

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Annual Sports Day
OCF have helped to grow sports skills and activity 

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OCF have helped children to enjoy & their childhood


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